Clay Masks

Dr. Hiyo Clay Mask saves your skin feeling smooth and silky. Made of clay minerals in nature , it is a natural substance . Helps to purify the skin.


YFor years human healing, beauty and spaciousness source of plant oils and extracts also since 1884 , Dr. HiYo with numerous benefits that arise in the oil group has been developing technology is now seen as much more . Dr. HIYO 's oils are used in many fields such as health and personal care today.

Skin Products

To polish your skin and keep cleaned every day to keep it fresh and moist. Dr. HiYo Designed ! Pamper your skin and to meet your needs

Hair and Hair Care Products

Styling for all hair types, protection , polishing. Dr. HiYo Designs ! Pamper your hair and to meet your needs...

Body Products

Every day to keep your body healthy and fit should keep damp and cold. Dr.HiYo Designed ! Pamper your body and to counter your needs...

Dr. HiYo Nitrogen Device

Acne to keep your body healthy and fit , acne, which help you in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as oil glands may want to try our miraculous device...


Skin Products

Dr. Hiyo skin products offers you a unique and different experience for your skin brightness and freshness . Thanks to its rich mineral content of your face in a short time you can notice that the more vibrant and healthy.

Body Products

Dr. Hiyo body products, reflects the nature of the minerals needed sparkle to your body than for your body. Dr. Hiyo experience you feel in your body !

Hair and Hair Care

Dr. HiYo Hair Products, hair's vibrant, healthy and brilliant shine bright at the same time . It protects your hair from harmful chemicals and highly from external influences


Dr. Hiyo Oil Products The Special Edition Structure Meets all your needs.

About Us

Our Vision

Improving health , offers superior and high quality health services. He has achieved sustainable profitability , a cosmetics that combine the human health and natural product and is subject to the medical company .

Our Mission

Quality cosmetics and medical products successfully spread to the community is always at the highest level of service with our fully equipped medical infrastructure and our team of experts in the profession. Cosmetic and medical sectors of the global advisor Dr. HiYo is artırmaktat understanding the needs of our business and quality of life of patients .

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