Dr. HiYo 1884 since the " Everything for Life " to share with you the secrets of the quality of life with the motto . Health , Health and naturalness of our work to continue at full speed.

4S CONSTRUCTION TRADE COSMETIC MEDICAL PRODUCTS LIMITED COMPANY IS Dr.Hiyo® brand operates with many product ranges as well as abroad at home and abroad on our distinguished customers you serve wholesome .

Our company activities :; Production in the cosmetics industry, marketing, R - 've serves GA Studies. 4S CONSTRUCTION OF COSMETICS AND MEDICAL PRODUCTS FOREIGN TRADE LIMITED visit the company on the COMPANY site is to provide it is on a distinguished owners that have the added value of the community 's economy currently in the products 've Projects resulting in visits to feel exactly the social life in the visit 's associates had the added value of the country's economy .

Our Vision

Improving health , offers superior and high quality health services. He has achieved sustainable profitability , a cosmetics that combine the human health and natural product and is subject to the medical company .

Our Misions

Quality cosmetics and medical products successfully spread to the community is always at the highest level of service with our fully equipped medical infrastructure and our team of experts in the profession. Cosmetic and medical sectors of the global advisor Dr. HiYo is artırmaktat understanding the needs of our business and quality of life of patients .

Dr. Hiyo Cosmetics and Personal Care - Since 1884