Tea tree grown in Australia, needle -shaped leaves and delicate purple flowers are yellowish-white, is a shrub or small tree species. Australian natives for centuries, tea tree leaves have been used in the treatment of any disease. Tea tree ointment is a product that is must for every home. On the one hand in terms of first aid for both young and old on the other hand they need is a maintenance product. Tea tree provides many pain relief. Acne, boils, wounds, burns, calluses, fungal infections, insect bites. Against microorganisms that cause infections three groups makes a strong anti-bacterial effect. They are: bacteria, viruses, and fungi Has significant anti-inflammatory properties (skin infections, inflammations and prevents the formation of acne ), there is a broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. Responsible for skin care acne, pimples, abscesses, boils are solutions for problems such as. In common types of skin allergies, dermatitis and helps to heal. Mitigate or prevent fungal diseases. There is injured and is effective in improving the calluses. Private parts of the body in the treatment (vaginal infections ) are suitable for use. Herpes -virus (lips, face, genital my org ) alleviates pain. I is good for small meat. It is good for burn cases. (sun or physical) It is good for insect repellents and insect bites.


Horse chestnut is unique balm for tired legs. Foot and leg swelling and varicose veins problem with people who use this product must have. Wild contains chestnut extract. Ruzmarin camphor, Arnie, essential oils include menthol. Fatigue, Prepare anticonvulsive, from bloating, discomfort from rheumatism and a vein, which alleviates pain resulting from varicose veins.Because it is effective in the relief of the painful area and massage gives a feeling of coldness. Content of the horse chestnut is used in rheumatism inflamed due to antiinflammatory webpages. Relieves pain caused by rheumatism. Dekongestiv relieves bloating due to its content. Because it is effective in the relief of the painful area and massage gives a feeling of coldness.


Dr.Hiyo Fissure Cream helps the prevention of formation of traces during the pregnancy period, to reduce the traces which form after pregnancy and because of speed putting and losing weight. It's a special cream which will provide you to obtain the best result thanks to the plant juices that it contains.You can use the Dr.Hiyo Fissure Cream on all parts of your body.


By courtesy of its latest special formula, it forms a mechanical obstacle in the sweat gland channels, and provides long standing and effective dryness to the users by preventing the sweat from reaching the skin surface. This is its biggest difference when compared with other antiperspirants. Dr. TerlemeyeSon ; its usage is very easy and practical; simply, it shall be applied to the dried area during the night before sleep, after cleaning the area. Sweat glands are inactive during the nights, an important factor in the application.


Without harm to your health, helps get rid of excess weight. Although your weight is normal, especially in the waist and hips giving an appearance of accumulated fats irritating if applied to that region only helps give your body the look you want. Without disturbing the balance of the body weight to achieve the ideal look is a topical local slimming products. Cabbage contains the essence of Natural Oil.

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